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The official Regulation on organization and holding of the event “Triathlon Triumph Moldova”

July 14, 2019


The Competition “Triathlon Triumph Moldova”, hereinafter referred to as “Competition”, is organized by Sports Club Sporter and aims the promotion of triathlon as a mass sport and the supporting of high performance sports among Moldovan triathletes. The participants in the Competition are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the present Official Regulation of Competition (hereinafter referred to as the “Official Regulation”). By participating in this Competition, the participants agree to comply with all provisions, terms and conditions of the present Regulation and legislation in force, and to sign the Declaration of Responsibility provided by the Organizers at the moment of registration, as well as on the day of the competition, at the moment of the registration validation.



2.1. The date and place of the Competition:

The competition for amateurs will take place on Sunday, July 14, 2019, in the area of ”Valea Morilor” (the competition area and the routes are marked on the official map placed on the website).



3.1. The participants and the holding of the competition

This competition is destined to any passionate of triathlon, swimming, or run, to any person whose health condition permits the participation in one of the competition trials.

The minimum age for participation is:

  •         20 years old for the Olympic trials
  •         16 years old in the super-sprint trials

The participants in this competition can register for one of the individual races

  • Individual races:

1) Supersprint trial

2) Olympic trial


3.2. Distances of races  

The competitors will have to pass the following distances depending on the race in which they participate:


400 meters swimming + 10 km cycling + 2.5 km running

Olympic race:

1500 meters swimming + 40 km cycling + 10 km running


3.3. Competition route

The route of the trials will be secured with fences of 2 meters, signalling band and cones. The organizers will place the Route Marshals in the previously established points.  They are in charge of the route passing in total safety by all competitors,  as well as of the compliance by them with the foreseen rules in the present regulation.

The competitors that do not respect the official route or shortcut the route in any way (the route that provides a competitive advantage) will be disqualified.

The official detailed map with the entire route of the competition is available on the official website in the section Map.


3.3.1 The route of swimming trial

The swimming trial will be held on the Valea Morilor Lake and the start will be given on the beach. The start will be common for all participants of a certain race. The swimming route will have the shape of a rectangle.

The Technical and Medical delegates can decide to modify the swimming route length or to adopt new provisions on the use of the neoprene swimsuit in case of weather changes, such as violent wind, abundant rainfall and low temperature. The final decision will be taken one hour before the beginning of the competition and will be clearly communicated to the athletes by the Technical Delegate.

Cut off- 60min (30min – Super Sprint)

3.3.2 The transition area

The transition area is common for swimming and cycling, as well as cycling and running.

The access and the exit from the transition area will be secured and will be allowed only to the participants.


  1. Video surveillance;
  2. The access will be allowed only based on the bike number;
  3. The security will be provided by a security agency.

The placement of the bikes in the transit area will be carried out according to the official program. The transition area cannot be entered after a certain time interval, for safety reasons, other than by the competitors who are in during the race, even if the start of the race in which the competitor participates was not yet given. The placement of the bike must be done in the rack segment allotted according the competition and race numbers in which the competitor participates.  On the racks will be mounted signs that will indicate for each segment the number range in which the bike can be placed.

The placement of the bike in another rack segment than the one allocated before both the race and T2 transition will be penalized with a warning, if the competitor corrects this before the start time or with a 10-second penalty for the Super-sprint and 20 seconds for Olympic distance.  

The bikes will be available to be removed from the transition area not earlier than the last competitor of the whole event finishes the cycling race.   The approximate time is 3 hours and 30 minutes after the last start. The exact time will be announced by the referees and the MC of the event on the site.

The bikes must be removed from the transition zone within one hour after  the last competitor finishes the run. If an athlete does not appear to remove the bike within this time, the organizers may charge a fee for moving and storing the bike.

  1. a) T1 – from the swimming to the bike

It will suppose the passage of a distance, indicated on the route page between the swimming area and transition area.

  1. b) T2 – from the bike to running

The competitors will be obliged to place the bike in the same allocated rack segment as before the competition. The failure of compliance with these rules will be penalized according the above detailing.

The participants can mount the bike at the exit of the transition area only after passing the line “Mount Bike” and will have to dismount the bike before the “Dismount line” (by placing one foot on the ground before the line) at the finish of the cycling route. These two lines will be marked respectively and the volunteers will announce these areas. The failure of compliance with this rule will involve a penalisation in accordance with the regulation.


3.3.3 The cycling trial route

The road traffic is completely closed on the route of the cycling trial.

The loop of the route has approximately 3,08 km and must be passed 13 times for the Olympic distance (40,04 km), three times for the super-sprint distance (9,5 km).

The counting of the tours is under the competitors. If at the validation of results the sportsman has not passed the full number of circles he will be disqualified.

Cut off- 100min (40min – Super Sprint)


Drafting is permitted in the cycling trial.

The drafting area is a rectangle of 3 meters width, 8 meters of length toward a bike and 5 meters width, 35 meters of length for vehicles (motorcycles). The length is measured beginning with the front wheel of the bicycle or vehicle wheel. The width of the rectangle will be centred at the middle of the fore bike or vehicle.



3.3.4 The route of the running trial

The road traffic is completely closed on the running route.

The loop of the run is approximately of 2.5 km and will be passed 4 times for the Olympic distance (10 km) and once for the super-sprint distance (2.5 km).

The competitors are those who will count the circles. If at the validation the sportsman did not pass the full number of circles, he is disqualified.

There will be alimentation points on the running route. It will be a single alimentation point on the 2,5 km loop, placed according the official map.

Cut off- 80min (25min – Super Sprint)

3.3.5 Penalty area

A penalty area will be placed on the running route in accordance with the official map. It is destined for the time penalty imposed by the technical officials for the swimming lane, transition area or cycling route.

The numbers of the competitor that have time penalisation will be displayed on a panel in this area. It is the participant’s obligation to check this board to see if he has a time penalty.

The execution of a time penalty

It is carried out by the complete stopping in the right of the Technical Official in this area, who will start the seconds counting of the penalty time. If the sportsman moves during the penalty time (running in place is not allowed), the Technical Official will stop the counting until he is completely immobile.

The penalty can be executed whenever the sportsman wants as long as the athlete does it before the finish line passage. If the athlete has more penalties to execute, he can choose between executing them all at a time or by turns. The non-execution of all time penalties leads to disqualification.


3.4. The registration

The registration of the participants is made online by filling out the form on the www.triumph.md/ website. The places are not transferable and the fees are not refundable.

Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to register.

3.5. Participation fee:

Triumph Triathlon SUPER SPRINT: 

400 MDL (≈20 EURO) – before 14.05.2019

500 MDL (≈25 EURO) – beginning with 15.05.2019 - 29.06.2019,

750 MDL (≈38 EURO) – нbeginning with 30.06.2019 - 11.07.2019,

1000 MDL (≈50 EURO) – beginning with 12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019,

Triumph Triathlon OLYMPIC: 

600 MDL (≈30 EURO) – before 14.05.2019

700 MDL (≈35 EURO) – beginning with 15.05.2019 - 29.06.2019,

900 MDL (≈46 EURO) – beginning with 30.06.2019 - 11.07.2019,

1300 MDL (≈66 EURO) – beginning with 19.04.2019 - 14.07.2019,

Triumph Triathlon RELAY:  

1000 MDL (≈50 EURO) – before 14.05.2019

1200 MDL (≈60 EURO) – beginning with 15.05.2019 - 29.06.2019,

1800 MDL (≈90 EURO) – beginning with 30.06.2019 - 11.07.2019,

2200 MDL (≈112 EURO) – beginning with 12.07.2019 - 14.07.2019,


3.5. Declaration on your own responsibility

All competitors will fill in and sign a declaration on their own responsibility regarding their medical condition for the participation in the competition.

It is forbidden to participate in the competition/ event to persons who have on them alcoholic beverages / drugs or are under its effects, persons who have weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, irritant-lacrimogenic or paralyzing effect substances, electric shocker or other objects that can be used for violent actions or disturbance of the normal course of the event.

The persons who will break these provisions will be removed from the event area by the organizers, even with the support of the law enforcement bodies, if necessary.


3.6. Equipment and conditions of the competition. Competition numbers

The competitors will participate in the competition using their own equipment. It is recommended the competitors to wear appropriate equipment for weather conditions at the moment  of the competition holding.

It will be announced, depending on the water temperature, if it will be obligatory, optional or forbidden to wear a neoprene swimsuit. The official swim cap is obligatory for the swimming test.

The competition numbers, the swimming cap and the timing chip will be made available by the organizers and will be handed to the competitors after filling out and signing of the declarations on their own responsibility.

The competition number will be provided with an elastic and will have to be worn on the back by each competitor at the cycling test, and then turned to be in the chest / abdomen area for the running trial, so to be visible. The participation number cannot be altered (cut, cropped, embossed) or covered in any way.

The cycling helmet is MANDATORY for all competitors throughout cycling, as well as during bike warm-ups before the race.

The allowed bikes are those with triathlon, for races, MTB and cyclocross profiles. They must be in good working condition with functional brakes on both wheels.

Not allowed TT bikes and aerobars.


3.7. The start and time limits

The start time and the time limits of each trial are displayed on the program page.

The program may be modified, and this will be previously announced.


3.8. The results establishment

The ranking is made for each category in the order of each participant’s arrival.

The entire distance time of each participant will be calculated based on the data of the bracelet type timing chips when crossing the finish line. The chips should be handed back after crossing the finish line. Separate rankings will be drawn for each category of each trial.


3.9. Route Referees, Technical Delegates and Referees Commission

The competition will be arbitrated by a team of Technical Officials from the TFRM.

The Technical Officials and Racing Commissioner team (route referee) is composed of minimum 20 persons and will cover the whole area of the event holding and will supervise the compliance with the route and with the present regulation by the competitors.

The Technical officials will penalize any failure of compliance with the present regulation by warning, time penalization or disqualification, depending on the gravity of the deviation.

If a Commissioner notices a ”short-cutting” attempt (short-cutting or deviation) of the route, that competitor will be disqualified.


3.9.1. Age groups (only for Olympic distance)

  • men, age from 16 to 18

  • men, age from 19 to 29

  • men, age from 30 to 39

  • men, age from 40 to 49

  • men, age from 50 to 59

  • men, age from 60 to 69

  • men, age 70 +


  • women, age from 16 to 18

  • women, age from 19 to 29

  • women, age from 30 to 39

  • women, age from 40 to 49

  • women, age from 50 to 59

  • women, age from 60 to 69

  • women, age 70 +

Prizes are non accumulative, which means that participants awarded in overall results do not receive prizes in their age group category.

3.10. Referees Commission

The Referees will be in charge of the solution of all contestation. The Composition of the Referees Commission will be announced at the technical reunion that will take place before the event.


3.10.1 Submission and settlement of appeals

The appeals will be submitted at the official office of the event situated after the finish area. Also there will be the appeal forms.

The appeal must be submitted personally by the sportsman or by a team member in the case of relay races not later than 30 minutes after the finish of the trial in which they have participated. The appeal will be settled by the Referees Commission.



4.1. Titles and prizes

There will be 2 main categories of prizes:

o    OPEN (professional and competitive competitors– legitimate and / or illegitimate), money and product prizes:

o    1-3 places, feminine and masculine in the Olympic trial

o    1-3, feminine and masculine in the supersprint trial

o    AGE GROUP (amateurs competitors) – product awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age category according to the art. 3.9, with the following specifications:

o    In the individual supersprint and Olympic race, will be awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the age groups if at least 5 participants are registered in each age category. Otherwise, only the first place will be awarded;

o    The awarding in the supersprint trial will be carried out on the open ranking – 1-5 places (feminine and masculine) – cups and diplomas.

The prizes will be announced before the beginning of the contest. The winners will receive diplomas besides prizes. All the participants will receive electronic participation diplomas.

The official festivity of awarding will take place according to the officially announced program on the website.



5.1. Administrative conditions (during the races)

The organization of the event is the responsibility of the Organizer, the Sports Club Sporter which is in charge of the event implementation.

The participants who abandon the race during the running are asked to come in the Start/ Finish area for announcing the route referee of that location concerning this abandon.

The competition will be provided with medical assistance in case of injuries and which will be located near the Start/ Finish zone.


5.2. Exceptional administrative conditions

In case of exceptional situations that prevent the safe deployment of the event (e.g. extreme meteorological conditions) that cannot be predicted, the event will be postponed or annulled.

In case of postponing or annulment of the event, the participation fees are not returnable. In case of the annulment the participants will receive the integral participation pack.


5.3. General administrative conditions

Under the legislation in force, the Organizers will make public the names of the winners and the prizes awarded within this Competition. The list of winners will be published within maximum 7 days after the event on the official website.

As such, the Organizers undertake to keep the confidentiality of the personal data of the participants/ winners of the Competition and to use them in accordance with the present Official Regulation, the Participant’s Declaration on their own responsibility and the legislation in force.

The competitors are forbidden to throw any scrap, garbage in the competition area under the sanction of disqualification from the competition. They will use the trash cans placed in the park or the garbage bags provided by the organizers in the start / finish area. The organizers will ensure at the end of the event the disposal of the waste and its deposition in the specially designed areas.

It is forbidden to participate in the competition/ event to the persons who have on them alcoholic beverages / drugs or are under its effects, persons who have weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, irritant-lacrimogenic or paralyzing effect substances, electric shocker or other objects that can be used for violent actions or disturbance of the normal course of the event.

The persons who will break these provisions will be removed from the event area by the organizers, even with the support of the law enforcement bodies, if necessary.

The organizers reserve the right to modify the present Regulation before the start date of the competition with the obligation to announce the changing made on the official website and at the site of the competition.