A little bit of history about the restoration of Valea Morilor Lake where the triathlon will take place


Valea Morilor Lake is an artificially created lake on the stream of Durlesti (right-bank tributary of the Bac River). It was originally called the Komsomol Lake, because it was built by the town’s Komsomol members in 1951-52.

In 2006 Valea Morilor Lake was dried. We should note that in July 2006 it took place an ecological catastrophe – all dead fish floated to the surface. The reasons remained unclear; however, it began the patrolling of the territory around the lake. In October 2006 began its drainage for cleaning and subsequent filling with water. But very soon the works stopped due to lack of funds in the city budget. Attempts were made to attract private investors, but they did not bring success.


In summer 2011, the lake was filled with water. In 2013 the process of lake restoration and improvement of adjacent territories ended. Now, public administration monitors continuously the lake; the quality of water and of environment is permanently checked.


We remind you that on 25 June in Valea Morilor Lake will take place the first Moldovan open air triathlon championship – “Triathlon Triumph”. The competitions will be held at “Olympica” and “Super Sprint” distances.

You can register on triumph.md.